Sunday, January 30, 2011

Waiting with fingers crossed

Lord I hate waiting for someone else's decision!  Hopefully I will hear this week about the job in Banff that I interviewed for last Tuesday.  It would be a great job and I love living in the Bow Valley, it inspires me to be active andto be creative! 

I need a job so I can get my own home again, I have friends who have very graciously given me a place to rest my head these past few months while I search for a job in my field.  It has been awesome as it has allowed me to look and apply without having to take a job I know I would quit if I got something 'right'.  I hate doing that to an employer.  If this job falls through I am going to hit the temp agencies in Calgary to get admininstrative work in the short term as I can't be a leech anymore!  I will target ones that operate in Victoria as well so I can carry my cunning plan to move back home to the coast. 

Ah well, there is a chance of a job in Winnipeg in a few months so I just need to keep my hope and enthusiasm alive and believe that I will get the job I am best suited for.  Even if it takes a year...til then I am looking at projects to start that I can make to sell.  I have a cool idea for a spindle (as in hand spinning) keeper that would allow people to display and pack their spindles in 1 easy, beautiful package.  I have a friend with a growing business selling exotic fibres for spinning and we are colaborating on the idea and she will market them for me on her website - cool, eh?   I also have a webdoain that I plan to set a shop on that will sell ballet related items I plan to make. 

When I have a home again I am going to continue my efforts to live a more frugal lifestyle and to garden in some small way, even if it is pots of tomatoes on a balcony!  I believe in trying to be self-sufficient but that will have to wait until I have enough land to start that journey.

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