Monday, January 31, 2011

I HATE Waiting!

I know patience is a virtue but waiting to hear about this job interview is really, really tough!  I guess I must really like the job.  :-)   Ah well, I shall continue to wait by the phone...worst thing is the on-line tracker changed my status from shortlisted to "final evaluation" and I don't know if that means they have made a decision or if it is a signal they have entered the final discussion/decision phase.  ARRRRRGH.  Last time I applied there it remained shortlisted until the day they called to say the had hired another.

I know I have no one reading this yet but if you hit this post by chance cross your fingers for me or send me some well wishes.  6 months unemployed is ENOUGH!  :-)


  1. Hello Janet I understand your pain, my daughter is a fashion designer selling mustard in Toronto. It is so hard to get a job in the arts in this economy. Good Luck. B

  2. Thanks and I hope your daughter gets the breaks she deserves...that is a hard industry to break into indeed! I am sure she will get her clothes out there. :-)

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