Friday, January 21, 2011

Starting is the hardest part

I have had this blog set up and ready to go for weeks but I lacked the courage to make the first post.  Silly, eh?  Well I read a lot of blogs and finally today I thought "I am done being a tourist, I am going to join this online community!"

My hopes for this blog are to discuss food, ballet and theatrical costuming, my life in transition and probably more than a few comments on my cat and her control over my life.  :-)

So I will start with a thanks for all the amazing bloggers out there who have inspired me to go public and who have made me think about everything from cookies (thanks Bake at 350) to sustainable and frugal lifestyles.

Hopefully I will post again shortly.  I am spending this afternoon crafting the perfect cover letter to accompany my resume on a journey to apply for a Production Management job at a great theatre/festival in British Columbia.  I also am preparing for an interview on Tuesday for a position in the Film & Media Department at the Banff Centre in Banff, Alberta.

Yeah, those both good excuses for not posting again for a bit~!


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