Saturday, June 25, 2011

Employed at last!

It has been a looong time since I posted, can you tell I never kept a diary as a child???  :-) 

It was a long wait and I had pretty much decided to move from my adopted home of Alberta and return to Victoria where I grew up and where my Mom, Aunt, nieces and brother & sister-in-law.  So I loaded a selection of my possessions and my lovely ragdoll cat Freya in my car and drove home in early March to see if I could find work

I had been there 3 weeks when the e-mail came.  "We need someone to fill in asap - can you come?"  It was a hard decision as I was really enjoying living with my Aunt and being in the same town as my family for the first time since 1984.  I was looking forward to helping both my Mom and Aunt as they could use a cook and lifter of heavy things now and then. 

It was close to being my absolute dream job and at my age sometimes you have to make the hard decision.  With my Mom's blessing and my Aunt's promise to look after Freya I took the job, hopped back in my car and drove to Calgary, exchanged my Victoria in spring possessions for those suitable for Winnipeg in late winter...exchanging cherry blossoms for late snow storms and slushy roads.  The biggest blizzard of the year hit Calgary the day I left, I drove to Winnipeg with that storm dogging my heels the whole way.

So now I sit in my workroom and the job is temporary no more.  My dreams of the last 5 years came true and now I work at the Royal Winnipeg Ballet...  :-)

I am lucky, I worked a 5 month contract here 3 years ago when I first left college with my Costume Cutting and Construction diploma in hand.  I have friends here still and work for an awesome and incredibly talented woman who trusted in me and gave me a chance return to a place I loved and but stayed at for such a short time...

Thank you RWB...I won't disappoint you

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