Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Birds in my Attic???  What kind of blog name is that????

Well - my house is a bungalow with a peaked roof.  It is insulated well and at this point inaccessible as the attic hatch was sealed to save energy.

There is a lovely little flock of sparrows that roost every evening in my cedar tree out front.  I couldn't figure out where they were coming from until my neighbour Julie pointed out they were nesting in my eaves!  Damned if there isn't a small hole in the fascia (or is it a soffit?) front and back of my house and the little buggers got in and built a small city in my attic eaves.  :-(  In the morning it is like a clown car of sparrows as they all shove their way out the small hole.

I can't bring myself to seal the holes until the babies fledge and fly out.  I know it is the practical thing to do but I just can't.  They are pretty big and should be moving out soon.  I will wait until everyone has left the attic for the day and then put up temporary screening over the holes.  Hopefully that will let me identify if any are trapped inside and release them. 

So "Birds in my Attic" seemed an apt title and one my friends will assume refer to the scattered way my brain works rather than wee birdies actaully living in my attic.  :-)  It makes me smile and will stay as the title.

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